Late availability discounts

This is a busy time for our larger clients and individuals who are booked on a given course can be called to serve overseas at short notice. In response to this we’ve started a register for people interested and able to jump in to fill places at the last minute. If you want to be on this register then it works like this:

The price you’ll pay is fixed and heavily discounted.  You’ll pick 4 dates from those shown on our home page that you could definitely attend with as little as a week notice (It’s never less than 7 days notice). You’ll pay a 50% deposit and then simply wait for the call. So far we’ve been able to get everyone on the register onto one of the dates they’ve picked. Easy! 

You get the same high standards of professional training as our blue chip clients, we get a full course (which has logistical advantages to us beyond the money). Everyone wins. 

To join the register or find out more please call 07515 645663

Tracked Vehicle H Licence training

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